COVID-19 Details

Shantytown hopes to see you all for a visit soon!  To do it safely during Alert Level 2, there are some specific requirements of us and our visitors:

1. QR or paper-based sign in at the point of entry.

2. Masks worn indoors and on the heritage train.

3. Social distancing from others when you are here.

4. You need to be seated in the café or bar and served at your table.

5. Any event or indoor gathering will be limited to 50 guests and you will need to be seated during the event.

Shantytown staff will be wearing masks and will implement a sanitisation regime several times a day to look after our customers. We have also received our Covid Clean Approved certification from Qualmark. This ‘peace of mind’ endorsement is also formally recognised by the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Let’s get this Level 2 malarkey done and dusted properly so that we can resume life with a bit more normality in the future.

Covid-19 Event and Venue Hire Policies & Procedures

Please take the time to stay up to date on our latest event policies and procedures in regards to Covid-19 as outlined below.  Due to the variety of events and various Government guidelines our business can fall under, feel free to get in touch if you require any further clarification.

Note: If any event attendees or associated participant arrive sick or present with Covid-19 symptoms, The West Coast Events Centre requests that they do not enter any of our premises.


Alert Level 1

– At Alert Level 1, there are no physical distancing requirements or Government group size limits.

– Contact tracing remains mandatory.  The West Coast Events Centre is legally required to display an official QR code, which can be scanned by the COVID-19 Tracer App.  We also provide alternate methods of contact tracing.


Alert Level 2

– All indoor events held during Alert Level 2 are currently limited to a capacity of 50 people per designated space.  All outdoor events are limited to 100 people.

– All adults on the premises are required to wear a facemask at all times, except when eating or drinking. The exception to this is if an individual is unable to comply for health reasons, and has provided evidence.

– Minimum of one metre social distancing is required in our indoor spaces, except for groups of people who know each other, i.e. friends and family.  Tables to be spaced at least one metre apart.

– Attendees are not permitted to intermingle with other visitors or persons present at The West Coast Events Centre who are not directly part of their own core event.

– When dining or consuming bar drinks. Attendees can only leave their seats to pay, depart the venue or use the toilet facilities.

– No direct bar access during non ‘Social Events’. All attendees must be served bar drinks at their tables.   

– Events classified as ‘Social Events’ such as birthday parties or wedding anniversaries, are not required to have attendees socially distanced or seated to eat and drink.


Alert Level 3

All meetings, conferences, functions and events cancelled or postponed.


Alert Level 4

All meetings, conferences, functions and events cancelled or postponed.



Each event booking must have an allocated ‘Organiser’ who agrees in writing to be held responsible for:

  • Being present to welcome and ensure all attendees sign in using a contact-tracing platform.
  • Supplying The West Coast Events Centre at least one week in advance with the full attendee list, including; all event attendees, facilitators, guest speakers, external suppliers, contractors, entertainment, or other parties that will be involved in the setup or running of the event on site.

Supplied details to include; Christian name and surname, contact phone number and expected times/days of arrival. This information is to be held securely by us for 60 days before being destroyed.


  • Ensuring all attendees follow The West Coast Event Centre’s policies and procedures.
  • The ‘Organiser’ is also required to confirm in writing that all attendees know each other in order for them to interact at a proximity of less than one metre.
  • Should no external person be available to fill this ‘Organiser’ role or any of the above obligations, The West Coast Events Centre will endeavour to provide the relevant services at an additional fee. Costs start at $85.00 per hour and/or parts thereof.