The West Coast contends with Intel computing

  • Shantytown’s 50th birthday is on January 23rd 2021.
  • January 23rd 2020 kicks off 12 months of events, initiatives and activities in the lead up.
  • Big drive towards fundraising the restoration of Coronation (Ross) Hall.
  • Launch of the Shantytown Heritage Park volunteer programme.

With the world’s first commercially available microprocessor ushering in a new computer age, 1971 was geared to be a game changer courtesy of Intel. Here on the West Coast, our own pioneering efforts were taking an intentional step in the other direction. On January 23rd, Shantytown Heritage Park officially threw open its doors with the aim of preserving a much less digital way of life. Come 2021 both businesses will have cause for celebration. It is however wholly guaranteed that every West Coaster is invited to just one of the parties!

Starting this month and rolling out over the year are opportunities aplenty to reminisce over, revisit or rejuvenate your original West Coast heritage attraction. Marketing and Events Manager Laugharne Kemp suggests, “As we race towards the half-century of Shantytown’s existence, there are huge opportunities for locals to leave their own physical contribution towards the park’s future. This includes a new volunteer programme that will be launching in March and increased fundraising efforts towards restoration of the West Coast’s historic Coronation Hall.”

Community events, such as Heritage Day in Easter Weekend and the annual Junior Monster’s Halloween Party, will offer up plenty of family entertainment. The many more additional activities leading into the official 50th celebration are currently under tight wraps. Mr. Kemp states, “There are big plans afoot and a lot of steam powered parts to get synchronised.”

So as we head towards 2021. Withdraw that microprocessor filled device from your pocket. Tip your hat to those folks at Intel. Then enjoy and support the achievements of a West Coast icon that bucked the trends of ‘progress’. Take photos, send Facechats, Snapbook and InstaTok your visits of that famous museum out on Rutherglen road. At its heart, Shantytown was built to retell and preserve the history connecting us Coasters together. It is your story and your heritage to behold.

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